Santa Maria College provides a structured Transition Program for all Year 7 students, as well as new students commencing at Years 8–12. As a community we understand and value what each student brings to our College community and the importance of fostering a sense of belonging.

The Year 7 Transition Program involves:
 • A family enrolment interview
 • A welcome letter and package
 • Assessment day
 • Orientation day
 • Support for students
 • A transition program at the beginning of the year
 • Ongoing targeted support

As students transition into and through Year 7 or at other year levels, appropriate support is provided to ensure transitions are as smooth as possible. All new students attend orientation sessions and meet with relevant staff who they will work with throughout their first year at Santa Maria College. New students starting in Years 8-12 are paired with a student buddy who provides additional support on a day-to-day basis, able to answer questions and connect them with all facets of our school community.