Santa Maria College is committed to supporting students' personal growth and wellbeing to heighten their sense of self-worth and support their capacity to achieve. The College offers counselling provided by registered psychologists with extensive training in adolescent mental health.

Our counsellors seek to provide an early and active response to signs of personal difficulties and support for students in developing critical thinking skills. They are available to support students around wellbeing issues, including emotional, behavioural and family issues, stress, social skills, grief, and physical and mental health issues. When necessary, counsellors liaise with parents, teaching staff and other professionals to ensure continuity of service and duty of care.

The counselling service is available to all students and provides:

  • Personal and confidential short-term counselling
  • Assessment of social and psychological wellbeing of individual students
  • Consultation and support to families and caregivers
  • Referral to, and liaison with, community agencies and private practitioners
  • Consultation and collaboration with teaching staff
  • Consultation to pastoral care and personal development programs