Santa Maria College is committed to providing opportunities for students to grow as leaders. As such, many formal and informal leadership opportunities are available, as well as personal development around leading. Students relish the opportunity to drive change, take on responsibility, be part of the decision-making process and have input into the future direction of the College. A key aspect of student leadership is student voice, with students in leadership able to represent their peers. The College provides the opportunity for student leadership at each year level, with the significant responsibilities being bestowed upon two Year 12 students each year in the role of College Captains.

Student leaders at Santa Maria College are expected to be strong, compassionate and independent young women, who think critically and seek to live out the Gospel values with integrity, hope and joy. They actively support and contribute to the life of the College, acting as exemplary and positive role models. Student leaders consistently uphold College expectations in terms of behaviour, attendance and uniform and work to develop respectful relationships with staff and peers. They have strong leadership skills and take pride in representing the College.

We aspire to provide learning opportunities, formalised training and experience to nurture the leadership potential of our students. We aim to instil in our student leaders the values and commitment embodied by the Benedictine and Good Samaritan Charisms, prioritising the needs of others through servant leadership.

The following positions of student leadership are available at Santa Maria College:

  • Year 12 College Captains
  • Year 12 Faith & Mission Captains and Faith & Mission Leaders (Years 7–11)
  • Year 12 Learning Captain
  • Year 12 Community Captain and Class Captains (Years 7–12)
  • House Captains (Year 12) and House Leaders (Years 7–11)
  • SRC Leaders (Years 7–11)
  • College Ambassadors (Years 7–9)
  • Year 12 Sports Captains and captains of individual sporting teams
  • Year 12 Captains: Environment, Public Speaking, Visual Arts, Music, and Drama & Dance