The House System at Santa Maria College offers significant connection for students within our community. The six Houses are identified with a significant founder or connection to the College:

House Identifying Founder Colour Mascot
Carmel The Feast of Mt Carmel commemorates the apparition of Mary to St. Simon Stock on July 16, 1251. In the 13th Century he founded the Carmelite Order, a community of men and women devoted to prayer and contemplation. Mt Carmel overlooks the plains of Galilee near Nazareth. Blue
Clare Sister Clare Slattery was an accomplished educator. A woman ahead of her time, she completed a Masters Degree in the 1930s with honours in English. She headed the Good Samaritan training college in Glebe, Sydney for thirty years before going on to establish a secondary college in Canberra. Clare Feast Day is celebrated in honour of Sister Clare Slattery’s commitment to education. White
Conway Conway House is named in honour of Sister Magdalen Conway who worked at Santa Maria College, South Yarra from 1929-30 and Northcote from 1936-74. Her love and care for the environment manifested itself in her great love of gardening. Santa Maria College currently benefits from the many trees and roses she planted. In honour of Sister Magdalen Conway’s commitment to the environment, Conway’s Feast Day is celebrated around World Environment Day. Red
Lourdes The Feast of Lourdes commemorates the appearance of Mary to Bernadette Soubirous, a 14 year-old French girl, near Lourdes France in 1858. Lourdes House is named after this town. Lourdes has become a place of pilgrimage for those seeking healing and hope in their lives through prayer and devotion. Green
Neville Neville House is named in honour of Sister Rita Neville who was Principal at Santa Maria College from 1848-57. Sister Rita Neville was committed to empowering women through education. For this reason, Neville House Feast Day is celebrated around International Women’s Day, March 8. Purple
Rosaria The Feast of Rosaria was instituted in 1573 by Pope Pius V to commemorate the power of prayer through intercession to Mary and the Praying of the Rosary. The Rosary is a form of prayer using prayer beads to help the faithful meditate using repetition of formal prayers as a meditation or contemplation on the Mysteries of Christ’s life. Gold

Students are allocated to one of six Houses for their time at the College. The many House events and co-curricular activities on the calendar each year offer students the chance to interact with others in the community across all year levels. Students are encouraged to contribute to their House by participating in events and activities throughout the year. The House system fosters the spirit of friendly competition and respect among peers, while nurturing young leaders.

Each House celebrates their Feast Day annually, acknowledging the identified founder with a House BBQ and celebratory activities. These celebrations are led by the Year 12 House Captains and House Leaders (Years 7–11) in collaboration with the staff mentor (House Leader).
College events celebrated throughout the year in Houses include:

  • The Swimming Carnival
  • The Athletics Carnival
  • The Inter-House Performing Arts Concert
  • The House Cook-Off
  • The Choral Competition on Santa Maria Day

There are also many co-curricular House events offered, designed to enhance student wellbeing and further promote interpersonal relationships and connection to the College.