Learning Support

At Santa Maria College we respect and celebrate the uniqueness of each learner. We acknowledge that the needs of our students are diverse and as such they will access and engage with the curriculum in many different ways. Learning Support recognises the need for inclusive practices, personalised learning and a differentiated curriculum for students.
The College aims to prepare students for their participation in a society in a meaningful, capable, responsible and informed way. For some students, this integration into the world outside of school requires further supports and scaffolds to enable their full development. We endeavour to provide a caring and supportive environment that allows all students to reach their full potential.

The Learning Support team, led by the Learning Support Leader, Mr Jeff Mifsud, works collaboratively to support staff to cater for the learning needs of students that are funded for specific needs that impact on their learning. This team consists of specialist teachers, Learning Support Officers (teachers aides) and a Speech Pathologist who support students at all year levels in various ways, dependent on need. Members of this team, in consultation with relevant other key personnel, can:
• Provide individual student support, both within and outside of the classroom
• Ensure access and participation in the curriculum through adjustments to mainstream curriculum or via an Individualized Learning Plan
• Assist in providing teachers with strategies to support positive and proactive learning experiences for students
• Oversee special consideration provisions during examinations

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