Becoming aware of one’s strengths, passions and aspirations is part of the continuum of learning about Careers. All students are encouraged to critically reflect upon their learning styles, strengths and goals for improvement and future achievement. This is achieved in many ways at Santa Maria College.
The course planning and selection process that all students from Years 7 – 11 undertake is designed to encourage students in younger years to become aware of their interests and skills in order to select elective opportunities to explore these areas in greater depth. Students in the senior levels are encouraged to follow their passion and strengths, as experience has shown us that these are the optimal conditions for positive and improved student outcomes and levels of achievement.
The Careers Leader engages students in a rigorous and supportive decision making process around post compulsory education options. At any stage in the career planning process, parents are welcome to come in and discuss their daughter’s options with the Careers Leader.

Years 7 & 8
 •Career Action Plans

Year 9
 • Preparation for Work Experience
 • Skills workshop on Resume` and letter writing
 • Career Action Plans

Year 10
 • Thorough preparation for Work Experience placement
 • Assistance with subject selection when considering possible career paths, courses and required prerequisite subjects

Year 11
 • Support around VCE programs and Post Tertiary options
 • Presentations from Tertiary Providers

Year 12
 • Individual career interviews to assist with the preparation of the transition from school to post compulsory education options
 • Provision of up to date information from tertiary providers and industry sectors
 • Presentations from Tertiary Providers