Santa Maria College ranked in Top 10 Catholic Girls’ Schools for 2015 VCE Results

Leaders in 21st century thinking

Our programs are carefully constructed to lead our girls to reach their potential. The College also facilitates the development of that confident inner person who has the strength of character and resolve to succeed in endeavours throughout their lifetime.

Academic Excellence

Our academic programs embrace the latest in 21st century teaching philosophies. At Santa Maria College, there is true student-centred learning in action. We make every effort to meet each student at their individual point of need. Our approach values curiosity and initiative. It encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Focus on girls’ well-being

Pastoral care permeates all areas of College life. Pastoral care of all students in the College community is fundamental to the ethos of this College. We draw our spirituality from St Benedict, St Scholastica and the Gospel story of the Good Samaritan. The Benedictine values listed in the College Mission Statement guide the Santa Maria College community in establishing a safe, supportive and caring environment.

Wellbeing incorporates physical, social, spiritual and emotional development of each student and is central to learning and school improvement. Students who experience a safe and effective learning environment with strong, supportive and trusting relationships are more likely to be engaged and connected at school.

Commitment to spirituality and social justice

The Religious Education program at Santa Maria College aims to build upon and extend students’ knowledge of the Catholic faith and tradition.  Through the Religious Education program, liturgical celebrations, prayer, and Reflection Days, students are encouraged to participate and are challenged to respond through action within the College community and the wider community. Through an emphasis on faith, we encourage a strong sense of engagement and duty to shape a world that offers a better future.

Diverse co-curricular program

Santa Maria College offer many opportunities for personal development and learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. All girls are encouraged to enjoy and contribute to the community through active participation in the co-curricular life of the College. Girls are encouraged to discover, develop and value their talents and to share these in the following areas: Clubs and Societies (Book Club, Social Justice Group, Green Team), Debating and Public Speaking, Duke of Edinburgh Award, House Activities, Music, Performing Arts, School trips (camps, educational tours, immersions), Sports.

Vibrant community

Our College is blessed with a rich community life with ongoing involvement with many community organisations and the Good Samaritan Sisters. Santa Maria College is fortunate to have a rich and diverse community. A strong sense of community spirit extends beyond the student population to parents, alumni and other friends of the College.

In the tradition of the Good Samaritan Sisters of the Order of St Benedict, the College offers holistic education based on Benedictine values of Peace, Hospitality and Stewardship. We are committed to the development of all aspects of our girls: emotional, social, physical and cultural, responding to change but appreciating the traditions of the past.  Our aim is to enable our girls to flourish and fulfil their potential in the 21st century.